At HOYA, candidates for Chief Executive Officer (CEO); Chief Financial Officer (CFO); and Executive Officer, Chief Sustainability(ESG)Officer are nominated by the Nomination Committee and appointed at a Board meeting (CEO and CFO serve concurrently as an internal director). They manage business execution of the HOYA Group according to the division of responsibility designated by the Board of Directors and decisions are made promptly. In regards to day-to-day business operations in each business, significant power is delegated to each division manager and executive officer’s direct division managers to create and execute specific measures based on a business policy decided at a Board meeting.

Executive Officers

  • Representative Executive Officer
    President & CEO

    Eiichiro Ikeda

    Eiichiro Ikeda is the Group President and Chief Executive Officer of HOYA Corporation (HOYA). Mr. Ikeda leads and oversees HOYA's corporate direction and strategy to ensure the Company creates value for the communities it serves. His vision is for HOYA to become an undisputed leader in the Company's selected markets through creativity and innovation. Before taking the position as CEO in 2022, he was the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of HOYA Corporation (HOYA), responsible for leading the group-wide research & development and commercialization of innovative and indispensable high-tech solutions and products. Mr. Ikeda was also responsible for the diversified industrial research and technology organizations of HOYA. He had also led the EUV blanks and HDD substrates businesses that have both been key growth drivers of the Company in recent years.

    Mr. Ikeda joined HOYA in 1992 and grew his career within the organization. In early 2010, he took on the role of Co-CEO of the Memory Disk Division and General Manager of Media and later on became Head of Optical Lens from late 2010 to 2012. He was then promoted to Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Information Technology (IT) in 2013 before taking on the role of Group CTO in 2015 and President of the Eyecare Division in 2019. Not limited to high-tech sectors, he has also contributed to the growth of HOYA's Contact Lens division during his tenure, demonstrating the ability to manage various types of businesses. In addition, he also has a successful track record in business execution, such as concluding the sale of the HDD glass media business.

    Mr. Ikeda holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Chuo University in Japan. He is Japanese and is currently based in Singapore.

  • Representative Executive Officer & CFO

    Ryo Hirooka

    Ryo Hirooka is the Group Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of HOYA Corporation (HOYA) and is responsible for the strategic financial leadership of the Company's operations. As CFO, Mr. Hirooka adopts a proactive and agile financial strategy focusing on capital efficiency. Over the years, he has focused on cash generation and executing initiatives such as promoting CCC (Cash Conversion Cycle), all of which have gained positive attention within the investor community.

    Mr. Hirooka joined the Finance Department of HOYA in 2002 before moving to Netherlands where the Group's Global Financial HQ is located. There, he held various positions such as President of the Dutch Holding company to the Group's Deputy CFO from 2004 to 2013, contributing to finance, tax, accounting, strategic financial planning, and treasury at a group level. Mr. Hirooka became Group CFO in 2013 and was appointed as a Representative Executive Officer of the Company the following year.
    Prior to HOYA, Mr. Hirooka began his career at Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited (former Sumitomo Trust Bank, Limited), where he worked in the areas of finance and capital markets.

    Mr. Hirooka holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from Kwansei Gakuin University in Japan. He is Japanese and is currently based in Singapore.

  • Executive Officer
    Chief Sustainability(ESG)

    Tomoko Nakagawa

    As Chief Sustainability Officer, Ms. Nakagawa is responsible for developing and implementing the Sustainability strategy across the Group’s global operations, products, and supply chains. She will focus on engaging and actively communicating HOYA’s strategic Sustainability agenda to external stakeholders. In this role, she will lead the sustainable growth of the organization leveraging on her many years of expertise in Compliance and through her various experiences in managing the Compliance Helpline and leading the Gender Diversity project for the Japanese divisions.

    Ms. Nakagawa joined HOYA in 1990 and grew her career within the organization. She started out in the International Department, which she was responsible for promoting the globalization of the Group. She then joined the Legal Department, where she was in charge of Compliance before taking on the role of General Manager of the General Affairs Department in 2005. In 2019, Ms. Nakagawa launched the first Sustainability (ESG) Committee and was eventually appointed as HOYA Corporation’s Chief Sustainability (ESG) Officer and Head of General Affairs in 2022.

    Ms. Nakagawa holds a Bachelor of Psychology degree from Kenyon College in the U.S and is currently based in Japan.

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