Soil pollution control measures, underground water pollution control measures, and hazardous substance leak control measures

In March 2010, the Group issued the HOYA Group Standard for Environmental Facilities designed to help the Group to prevent any hazardous impact on the environment inside and outside the HOYA Group facilities.


In entrusting contracted disposal of factory waste, individual facilities select contractors after carefully checking their business licenses.

Also, through consignment contracts with appropriate disposal contractors, the Group promotes the recycling of industrial waste, creation of monetary values out of waste, and reduction of waste emissions.
In order to realize a sustainable, recycling-oriented society, we are recycling wood waste and waste plastics, promoting the reuse of packaging materials, and recycling paper, among others. Our major factories in Japan have achieved zero emissions in terms of industrial waste.

Also, our factories outside Japan are holding in-house competitions regarding ideas for recycling waste plastics, using recycled paper of beverage packaging to repair roofs damaged by disasters in cooperation with local volunteer groups and thereby contributing to society* and engaging in other initiatives in the form of in-house recycling activities, in addition to turning polluted sludge into valuable substances and reusing photomask cases, among others.

Waste emissions in the HOYA Group (t)

FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Japan Total emissions 2,099 2,229 2,295 2,250
Recycling rate 76.0% 91.0% 90.5% 79.9%
Overseas Total emissions 56,289 54,281 64,185 46,977
Recycling rate 76.2% 72.0% 69.9% 70.3%
Global Total emissions 58,388 56,509 66,480 49,977
Recycling rate 76.2% 72.8% 70.6% 70.7%

Chemical substances

Based on the HOYA Group Chemical Substances Management Standard, the HOYA Group as a whole complies with laws and regulations in accordance with the Standard with respect to chemical substances used in business activities, takes countermeasures against their leakage and manages such substances by utilizing Safety Data Sheets (SDSs).

Animal experimentation

The HOYA Group’s Management Principles stipulate as follows: “We work hard to ensure that our corporate activities are carried out with respect for the environment.” The Group’s Business Conduct Guidelines require the promotion of sustainability and efforts to conduct environmentally-friendly activities.

There are some cases in which animal experiments need to be conducted to develop some medical products.

Based on the above policy, the HOYA Group has established regulations in each business in consideration of various laws and regulations as well as guidelines established by relevant organizations, and conducts internal screening from the viewpoint of the 3Rs principle on animal experimentation, i.e., Replacement (utilization of alternative methods of experimentation that do not involve the use of animals), Reduction (reduction of the number of animals used) and Refinement (alleviation of pain and suffering caused to animals).

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