Corporate Mission WHAT WE DO

Innovating For a Better Tomorrow

HOYA strives to create innovations for a better future for people.

Over the next two decades toward the century of its founding, we will constantly pursue the creation and innovation of markets with enthusiasm in order to improve the quality of life of diverse people around the world and bring about a better tomorrow.


Business Domains OUR BUSINESS

  • Life care LIFE CARE

    Eyeglass lenses/Contact lenses/Medical endoscopes/Intraocular lenses for cataract/other medical-related products

  • Information Technology INFORMATION

    HOYA's advanced technology supports the development of various digital products including PCs, LCD TVs and smartphones. HOYA continues cutting edge technological innovation to contribute to an affluent society.

More than 35,000 employees in about 40 countries around the world contribute to the creation of a healthy and prosperous society by providing products and services that are indispensable to society.

Group Directory GROUP


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