Dedicated to innovation
in information technology, lifestyles and culture,
HOYA envisions a world
where all can enjoy the good life,
living in harmony with nature.

Management principles

To realize the Hoya Vision, we have established a set of management principles that guide our every decision and action. We translate these principles into action that contributes to economic prosperity, social progress, and cultural advancement, and strive to earn the trust of all those who have a stake in our success.

Commitment to Society

Hoya always strives to be a responsible corporate citizen. We work hard to ensure that our corporate activities are carried out with respect for the environment. We are absolutely committed to legal compliance and ethical practices.

Commitment to Customers

Hoya´s goal is to provide safe, high-quality products and services that offer true value. We make every effort to increase customer satisfaction by continuously improving the quality of our operations.

Commitment to Shareholders

Hoya strives to increase corporate value by improving business results and maintaining growth. Our goal is to pay fair dividends and give shareholders a return on investment that meets their expectations. We willingly and impartially disclose corporate information.

Commitment to Employees

Hoya respects the personality and individuality of each employee. We offer employees opportunities to maximize their initiative and creativity in a safe and fulfilling work environment. We do our best to ensure a good living for our employees.

Dedication to Innovative Management

Hoya constantly strives to create new value through innovation and creative technology. We make the most of the advances of the information age with our worldwide management network. We take a global perspective while respecting local culture and customs.


Innovating For a Better Tomorrow

HOYA strives to create innovations for a better future for people.

Over the next two decades toward the century of its founding, we will constantly pursue the creation and innovation of markets with enthusiasm in order to improve the quality of life of diverse people around the world and bring about a better tomorrow.

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