Initiatives to effectively utilize water resources

The HOYA Group endeavors to effectively utilize water resources by reusing water and reducing water usage on a global scale, in accordance with its Fundamental Environmental Policies.

Water usage reduction targets

The HOYA Group has set numerical targets in each of its business segments and manages its progress in achieving the targets.

Water usage

In fiscal 2022, water usage in the HOYA Group was 14,504 k cubic meters. Compared to fiscal 2019, we managed to reduce water usage by 18.1% within the Group as a whole, and by 35.1% in terms of water usage per unit of net sales. The reason is the effort of reducing water usage, having raised the ration of water reuse and reduced production in business units with high water usage.

Water usage in the HOYA Group (Thousand cubic meters)

Water usage was calculated targeting production bases, based on the usage of city water, industrial water and groundwater identified by using the data aggregation format shared universally within the HOYA Group.

Unit FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Japan Thousand cubic meters 929 886 866 800
Overseas Thousand cubic meters 16,848 14,158 17,773 13,704
Total Thousand cubic meters 17,777 15,044 18,639 14,504
Water usage per unit of net sales Thousand cubic meters per billion yen 30.8 27.5 28.2 20.0
Water reuse ratio % 27 30 30 31

Initiatives to reuse water

Initiatives to effectively utilize water resources are being carried out in each business segment. In the photomask manufacturing process, cleaning is performed by using ultrapure water to remove various chemicals and foreign matter. The used water undergoes a process at an effluent treatment facility to be rendered harmless, some of which is subsequently collected and reused. The ultrapure water recycling facility, which consists of adsorbents and reverse osmosis (RO) membranes, makes it possible to reuse water by removing impurities

Recycling of ultrapure water in photomask manufacturing process


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