HOYA to Invest in EndoMaster, a Company for a Robotic-assisted Surgical System

HOYA to Invest in EndoMaster, a Company for a Robotic-assisted Surgical System

HOYA Group announced today that it has decided to invest in EndoMaster Pte. Ltd. (hereinafter EndoMaster; Headquarters: Singapore; CEO: Louis Phee), a company that developed MASTER, a minimally invasive robotic-assisted surgical system for endoscopic surgery. The investment amount will not be made public.

MASTER, EndoMaster’s robotic system, is a system in which surgery is performed by two remotely controlled robotic arms mounted on the tip of an endoscope using images sent from a camera that is also mounted on the tip. As the robotic arms are controlled like a doctor’s hands intuitively and precisely using the joystick controller, MASTER would enable to support the accurate, safe performance of highly sophisticated surgery such as endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD). This has the potential of less discomfort, a faster healing time, and helping reduce a risk of procedural and post-operative complications for the patient thus improves in the quality of their lives.

Through basic research in collaboration with doctors, EndoMaster is currently endeavoring to improve the devices, with the aim to launch its first product into the market in 2016.

Dr. Louis Phee, co-founder and the CEO of EndoMaster, said, “The development of a minimally invasive robotic-assisted surgical system will be an evolutional event in the history of the flexible endoscope field. I am certain that based on clinical research that has already been conducted through MASTER, this robotic system will contribute to both doctors and patients. I am very pleased that HOYA, which manages the flexible endoscope business, has decided to invest in our technologies. I believe that the two companies will be able to enjoy synergy effects in the future.”

Taro Hagiwara, the Executive Officer, Technology of HOYA Group, said, “HOYA manages the production and sales of flexible endoscopes and their related products on a global scale. Not only patients, but also the governments of countries hoping to control medical expenses are paying keen attention to the effects of minimally invasive medical treatment using endoscopes. HOYA has been focusing on further expanding its market share in the global flexible endoscopes market by providing innovative products and developing a new endoscope business. As part of these activities, HOYA has decided to invest in EndoMaster. HOYA is committed to contributing to next-generation medical care through the provision of superior minimally invasive robotic systems.”

About EndoMaster Pte. Ltd.

EndoMaster Pte. Ltd. is a privately held company headquartered in Singapore that develops medical devices. EndoMaster was founded in October 2011 by Dr. Louis Phee, Associate Professor at the school of mechanical & aerospace engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and Ho Khek Yu, Professor at the National University Hospital in Singapore. Global front-line developers in the medical devices and robotics fields have been involved with EndoMaster. The robotic system MASTER has been developed based on the results of basic research undertaken at Nanyang Technological University.

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