HOYA introduces InnoVision to Europe

HOYA introduces InnoVision to Europe

— Company’s perspective on innovation and vision based upon four pillars

During a special partner event in Berlin, HOYA has proudly introduced InnoVision. This brand new philosophy integrates HOYA’s vision on innovation on the one hand and HOYA’s innovations related to vision on the other. InnoVision is the philosophy and the core from which HOYA creates its technologies, designs and services. Now, but also in the future.

“We are very delighted with the launch of our company’s view on innovation and vision”, states Ms. Marijn de Winter, Marketing Manager HOYA Vision Care Europe. “Creating value adding lens designs, facilitating the daily practice of opticians with thoughtful service concepts, as well as educating eye care professionals is rather impossible without having a solid foundation to rely upon. InnoVision is the name that has been given to HOYA’s visionary innovation platform that guarantees innovation for now and in the future.”

InnoVision’s four pillars
The InnoVision philosophy consists of four pillars that are in close relation to one another. Each pillar represents an important aspect within HOYA’s total innovation process:

1. Visual perception is the first pillar within the InnoVision concept. Here, it’s HOYA’s challenge to understand the brain’s sensitivity to and acceptance of blur. Although it is not perceived by the human eye, blur does influence the way we see and experience things. Within this pillar, minimising the likelihood of blur related complaints is the main target.

2. Prescription and parameter inaccuracy can lead to insufficient correction. With Visual Experience, InnoVision’s second pillar, HOYA strives for prescription optimisation to reach the most accurate correction.

3. The third pillar, Design Verification, also has a very special objective: are we sure that the optical end result is aligned with the visual experience? In this area, HOYAhas developed patented verification methods that help to understand the visual performances of the lens before it has even been produced.

4. By monitoring the behaviour, needs and demands of spectacle wearers, HOYA is able to create the best match of its products to the wearer. It goes without saying illmatched products will lead to dissatisfied customers. That’s why HOYA wants to be sure the client’s demands and needs match the final product. Human Behaviour, the fourth and last pillar within InnoVision, is fully responsible for that.

InnoVision will be available in European region.

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Ms. Marijn de Winter

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