HOYA opens specialist Rx Lab in Mateszalka

HOYA opens specialist Rx Lab in Mateszalka

After the re-opening of its manufacturing facility in Ayutthaya Thailand in April of this year, HOYA takes a next step in the expansion and restoration of its supply chain with today’s official re-opening of HOYA Lens Manufacturing Hungary, Mateszalka as specialist Rx lab for the European market.

From a manufacturing location that concentrated on mineral mold production and the manufacturing of mineral Rx and plastic tinted lenses, HOYA Lens Manufacturing Hungary has been converted into a dedicated specialist lab for the EMEA. It now provides HOYA subsidiaries and partners in this region with a complete range of plastic freeform progressive lenses, premium AR coatings and high index materials. It produces exclusive products such as Hoyalux iD freeform progressive lenses, HOYA’s durable AR coating Hi-Vision LongLife and the premium high index material Eyvia 1.74. Next to this, HOYA Lens Manufacturing Hungary continues to produce molds, mineral Rx lenses and plastic tinted lenses.

About Hoya Lens Manufacturing Hungary
In 1999 HOYA Corporation acquired the Mateszalka factory through its acquisition of Buchmann Optical. This facility, present in Hungary since the 1970’s, became HOYA’s mass production facility in Europe. In 2005 production was expanded with mineral Rx lenses and plastic tinted lenses. Later, mold production was added. Nowadays, HOYA Lens Manufacturing Hungary is both a mass manufacturing location as well as a specialist Rx lab for the EMEA market. They produce a wide range of mineral Rx and plastic tinted lenses, plastic freeform progressive lens designs and high end coatings and materials.

For more information and images:
HOYA Vision Care Europe, Ms. Marijn de Winter, press@hoya.eu

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