PENTAX Lifecare expands its R&D capabilities in Germany

PENTAX Lifecare expands its R&D capabilities in Germany

PENTAX Lifecare, a division of Hoya Corporation, today announced the acquisition of Digital Endoscopy GmbH, which will expand PENTAX’s global R&D capabilities. Based in Friedberg, Bavaria, center of Germany’s medical technology frontier, Digital Endoscopy develops innovative endoscopic imaging products with expertise in software-based computer architecture and optical illumination technologies.

“Digital Endoscopy and its leadership team will complement our R&D expertise to accelerate product innovation and foster technology leadership, especially given the increasing importance of computer architecture and software to improve image quality as well as ease of use”, said Dr. Jayant Saha, Sr. Vice President of Technology, PENTAX Lifecare, “The primary goal behind this expansion of R&D capability into Germany is to accelerate innovative product development with a focus on unmet needs. The combination of Digital Endoscopy GmbH in Germany with our existing world class R&D center in Tokyo Japan will bring the very best of global innovations to make a positive difference to the clinical practice of endoscopy.”

About PENTAX Lifecare
PENTAX Lifecare is a division of Hoya Group and its mission is to improve the standard of patient care and quality of healthcare delivery by providing the best endoscopic products and services with a focus on QUALITY, CLINICALLY RELEVANT INNOVATION, and SIMPLICITY.

Through leading edge R&D and manufacturing, PENTAX Lifecare provides endoscopic imaging devices and solutions to the global medical community.

PENTAX Lifecare has a worldwide focus and presence with R&D, regional sales, service, and in-country facilities around the globe. PENTAX Lifecare employees represent the diverse countries where we do business, allowing us to provide innovative solutions tailored to meet local needs.

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