Hoya Surgical Optics and Tracey Technologies Announce a Next Generation Fully-Integrated System of Advanced Diagnostics and a Pre-Loaded IOL Designed to Maximize Cataract Surgery Outcomes

Hoya Surgical Optics and Tracey Technologies Announce a Next Generation Fully-Integrated System of Advanced Diagnostics and a Pre-Loaded IOL Designed to Maximize Cataract Surgery Outcomes

CHINO HILLS, CA and HOUSTON, TX, October 23, 2011 – HOYA Surgical Optics and Tracey Technologies, Inc. announced today the introduction of a new system for cataract surgeons that incorporates the latest version of the proven HOYA iSert(R) aspheric hydrophobic IOL together with the most advanced iTrace(TM) system ever developed, the HOYA iTrace(TM) Surgical Workstation. The system will be unveiled to surgeons at the American Academy of Ophthalmology meeting this week in Orlando, FL.

“We are very pleased to launch this fully integrated system of advanced diagnostics and IOL. Finally, cataract surgeons have a surgical planning tool that integrates ALL of the information needed in one test, coupled with the most advanced preloaded IOL available in the U.S.,” said Jake Vander Zanden, President, Americas for HOYA Surgical Optics.

The pre-loaded iSert(R) IOL inserter provides ultimate sterility and control. The HOYA iSert 231 is a hydrophobic IOL with renowned HOYA optics, pre-loaded in the most advanced small-incision insertion system available. It requires only a true 2.4 mm incision and, as a single-use device, iSert reduces the risk of infection in the surgical environment. The Aspheric Balanced Curve technology (ABC design) compensates for decentration and reduces spherical aberration.

“Tracey Technologies is pleased to work with HOYA to co-develop the newest generation of iTrace, and producing this full-featured device as a complement to HOYA´s outstanding tools for the cataract surgeon” said Joe Wakil, M.D., CEO of Tracey Technologies.

Originally developed as part of missile defense systems, ray-tracing is an incredible technology that has been further advanced through the cooperative R&D efforts of HOYA and Tracey Technologies. The HOYA iTrace Surgical Workstation is the only complete diagnostic device based on advanced ray tracing technology that isolates and quantifies corneal versus lens aberrations. The precise pre-operative metrics that it provides allow surgeons to more accurately predict post-surgery outcomes and select the best IOL for each patient. Dr. David F. Chang, a clinical professor of ophthalmology at the University of California, San Francisco commented, “For a premium refractive IOL practice, this is invaluable technology. The HOYA iTrace Surgical Workstation provides me with all the important preoperative optical information that I need to make an IOL recommendation for the patient. With iTrace, I can immediately rule out some multifocal candidate´s IOL options because of corneal aberrations that would increase the risk of 20/unhappy.”

The 5-in-1 System (Corneal Topographer, Auto-refractor, Wavefront Analyzer, Pupillometer, and Keratometer) also dramatically streamlines patient workups and improves overall office efficiency.
Used in combination, these tools provide a patient-centric approach to visual restoration that combines leading technologies and services to deliver the best outcomes for the patient and the practice.

About HOYA Surgical Optics HOYA Surgical Optics is a leading global ophthalmic device company with an entrepreneurial spirit focused on what matters most to realize both exceptional patient outcomes and better practice results. Leveraging more than 60 years of excellence in optics design and innovation that has been the hallmark of the HOYA Corporation, HOYA Surgical Optics provides ophthalmologists with innovative ophthalmic devices and services that help them elevate their quality of care and business efficiencies. For more information, contact HOYA Surgical Optics at 14768 Pipeline Ave., Chino Hills, CA 91709, call 909-680-3900.

About Tracey Technologies, Corp. Tracey Technologies, Corp. is a developer and manufacturer of technologically advanced refractive diagnostic devices. Based in Houston, Texas, Tracey Technologies has produced devices integrating ray tracing aberrometry wavefront analysis with advanced corneal topography analysis for a decade, with the iTrace(TM) series of products offered since 2008. Tracey Technologies´ patented ray tracing technology, widely viewed as the next generation of refractive diagnostics and the best method for analyzing visual function, is becoming the new standard of care. For more information, visit the company´s Web site at http://www.traceytechnologies.com

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HOYA Surgical Optics
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Andrea Gatz
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Tracey Technologies, Corp.
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