Announcement on Impacts of the Tohoku Kanto Earthquakes (Update)

Announcement on Impacts of the Tohoku Kanto Earthquakes (Update)

We, the entire Hoya Group wishes to express our heartfelt condolences to those who have suffered from the Tohoku Kanto Earthquakes and Tsunami. HOYA CORPORATION (“the Company”) today announces an update of the status on the impact on the HOYA Group of the earthquake that struck on March 11, 2011.

1.Outlook of the Damage Situations (as of April 1, 2011)
(1)Buildings and Facilities
ⅰ)Miyagi Plant (Life care Division; Endoscope)
The damage to the production facilities was limited. The plant resumed normal operation after electricity supply re-started last week.
ⅱ)Retail Shops of Contact lenses (Eye Care division)
Out of total 181 retail shops “Eyecity” throughout Japan, about 30 shops in affected regions had been closed immediately after the earthquake. Upon confirming safety, all the shops except one shop in Sendai have restarted the operation. However, due to the rolling blackout, some shops under electricity supply of Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) shorten their business hours.
ⅲ)Tohoku Sales Office (Vision Care Division; Eyeglasses)
Despite the damage to the buildings, the business activity has restarted. The main focus is to check on conditions of our customers and to put utmost efforts in supporting their recoveries.
ⅳ)Tohoku Sales Office (Medical Division; IOL)
The office has restarted its operations. The Company has been putting utmost effort in recovery of medical front.

(2)Some manufacturing facilities under TEPCO electricity supply still suffer from the rolling blackout. Some production activities have been transferred to those facilities which are not affected by power shortage. Also in the anticipation of long-term power shortage, measures such as procuring own power generators have been taken.

(3)Some of our parts suppliers have been affected by the disaster. We are in the process of checking their damage conditions and giving support for their recovery while searching for alternative sources for those parts in some cases.

Contact: Naoji Ito, Manager of Corporate Communications
Telephone: 03-3232-0062

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