Announcement on Impacts of the Tohoku Kanto Earthquakes

Announcement on Impacts of the Tohoku Kanto Earthquakes

A strong earthquake hit the northern part of Japan on Friday, March 11, 2011. The management of HOYA CORPORATION (“the Company”; Headquarters: Tokyo) expresses its heartfelt sympathy for our fellow citizens who have suffered from the Tohoku Kanto Earthquakes.
The Company announces the impacts of the earthquake on the HOYA Group’s operations which are known as of today as follows.

1.Outlook of the Damage Situations
It has been reported that fortunately, there are not any deceased, serious-injured, and missing employees, but several employees have been slightly injured.

(2)Buildings and Facilities
a)Miyagi Plant (Life care Division; Endoscope)
Though production facilities have been only slightly damaged, the plant has suspended operations, because of the power cut and problems in the traffic.
b)Yamagata Plant (Life care Division; Endoscope)
There had been some rectifications and the plant has been in operation.
c)Retail Shops of Contact lenses (Eye Care division)
About 30 of 181 retail shops, “Eyecity”, have suspended the business, including voluntary restraint due to damages to the rent space and buildings. Upon confirminig safety, we will start the operation in order.
It may take months for a few heavily damaged shops to restore their operation.
d)Tohoku Sales Office (Vision Care Division; Eyeglasses)
Buildings have been damaged, and the office is closed.
Some of production facilities have been temporary suspended their operations in preparation of scheduled power cut by Tokyo Electric Power Company.

(3)The Company is currently in the process of confirming the safety of related parties including our business partners who are reported missing, and have been putting utmost effort in recovery.

2. Impact on Financial Results of HOYA Group
The Company is currently in the process of estimating the impact on the financial results of HOYA Group. In case of significant financial impact, the announcement will be made in a timely manner.

Contact: Naoji Ito, Manager of Corporate Communications
Telephone: 03-3232-0062

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