Hoya Corporation Announces Upcoming Retirement of Executive Officer

Hoya Corporation Announces Upcoming Retirement of Executive Officer

Tokyo, Japan-May14, 2010- Hoya Corporation (“HOYA”) today announced that Hiroaki Tanji will retire as Executive Officer effective as of the end of the 72nd Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders scheduled on June 18, 2010.

Mr. Tanji joined HOYA in April 1992 and worked in the field of new technology and business development throughout his carrier with HOYA.
In 2000, he was elected to HOYA’s Board of Directors and joined the HOYA management team. When HOYA adopted the system of governance by committees pursuant to Japan’s Companies Law in 2003, he was elected as an executive officer.

In recent years, Mr. Tanji has been actively involved in acquisitions expanding HOYA’s electro-optics business and its medical business, which is positioned as a new growth area.

The recent execution of an agreement relating to the reorganization of a business unit, which has been a pending issue to HOYA for several years, led Mr. Tanji to decide to explore new opportunities upon the expiration of his term of office.

We would like to thank Hiroaki Tanji for all of his hard work and dedication to HOYA and we will put his accomplishments to good use for our future growth.

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