Human Capital

Health Management

HOYA Group’s Health Measures

  1. Certification for health and productivity management organizations

  2. Countermeasures against infectious diseases

  3. Measures to prevent lifestyle diseases and prevent them from increasing in severity

  4. Mental health measures

  5. Return-to-work support and assistance for work-treatment balance

  6. Promotion of women’s health

  7. Smoking control

  8. Overwork prevention and improvement of work-life balance

  9. Management of health of Japanese expatriates

  10. Improving emergency medical care and first aid responses

Certification for health and productivity management organizations

Based on the recognition that “health promotion efforts are business investments,” we are committed to health management with the support of the companies and the cooperation of all employees.
Please refer to this for the CEO's Health Management Declaration and the seven articles that HOYA Group employees are required to follow. (in Japanese only)
The HOYA Group has been certified for seven consecutive years under the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)’s certification program for outstanding health and productivity management organizations since the start of the program in 2017 (as of April 1, 2023).


Improvement of labor productivity

The HOYA Group aims to improve each and every employee’s well-being, develop a pleasant workplace environment in which he/she can demonstrate his/her capabilities, and implement health measures tailored to health issues, to ultimately eliminate presenteeism*1 and absenteeism*2. In an internal survey begun in fiscal 2021, neck problems, stiff shoulders, insomnia and lower back pain were identified as health issues that heavily affect presenteeism, so we are working to rectify these issues as a matter of priority. We are also striving to reduce absenteeism by working on the prevention of cerebral cardiovascular diseases and mental health problems, as well as providing return-to-work support and assisting employees in striking a balance between work and treatment.

*1 Presenteeism: Deterioration in productivity while being present at work due to health problems
*2 Absenteeism: Absence from work due to health problems

Overwork prevention

HOYA has established the HOYA Group Standard for the Prevention of Overwork-related Health Problems, which is in compliance with industrial safety and health laws and regulations, and has implemented it at all HOYA Group companies. Workers with long working hours are required to have an interview with an industrial physician, and a system has been put in place to ensure the person in charge of personnel affairs, the manager, and the industrial physician work together to slash long working hours from the perspectives of both labor management and health management. In addition, as part of workstyle reform, HOYA is strengthening efforts to steadily improve the utilization rate of annual paid leave.

Countermeasures against infectious diseases

Since before the COVID-19 pandemic, HOYA had been proactively working on measures to address the risks of emerging infectious diseases, following the formulation of its “Guidelines on Countermeasures Against New Strains of Influenza and Other Infectious Diseases” based on a scenario of pandemics of new strains of influenza and other emerging infectious diseases. Under the Guidelines, we have established the HOYA Group Influenza/Epidemic Risk Management Team, formulated a business continuity plan, and organized channels for collecting, conveying and sharing information; in addition, we have put in place a framework to enable the stable supply of products, etc. while minimizing health hazards by giving top priority to ensuring the safety of employees, their families, relevant parties and others.

Countermeasures against COVID-19

The respective Crisis Management Teams of the head office and each business promptly collect information and collaborate with each other. In addition, we have summarized such matters as measures to prevent infections in the HOYA Group in the “HOYA Global Post-COVID-19 Work Handbook,” translated it into 21 languages, distributed it to all employees in the Group, and are continuing to use it to conduct education and awareness-raising activities targeted at all employees through e-learning. We also conduct internal audits on employees’ status of adaptation to and compliance with the provisions in the Handbook in an effort to stringently enforce countermeasures against infections. In each country, we assess the status of the spread of infection as needed and are continuing autonomous measures to stop COVID-19, to maintain stable continuity of business.

Supporting Mental Health

The Group has established the HOYA Group Mental Healthcare Guidelines, which specify in-house counseling services, support for return to the workplace, and educational programs. Informed by these Guidelines, the Group works hard to prevent damage to health from stress-related illness and to detect and respond to such issues at an early stage. The Group is making special efforts to provide instruction on mental health management, led by industrial physicians, and to deepen employees’ understanding of mental healthcare. A framework has been set in place to ensure sufficient care of each line by managers and to clarify the roles of managers, persons responsible for personnel matters, and industrial physicians, ensuring effective liaison among them. In annual stress checks, the HOYA Group is actively providing one-on-one guidance for high-stress sufferers by industrial physicians, feedback of results from organizational analysis, and activities to improve the organizational environment.

Measures to prevent lifestyle diseases and prevent them from increasing in severity

HOYA is stringently enforcing steps to be taken after medical checkups by industrial physicians and health nurses and striving to make more employees undergo detailed medical examinations and boost the effects of medical treatment. As a health program in collaboration with HOYA’s corporate health insurance association, we are working on implementing specific health checkups and specific health guidance in an efficient and effective manner. Furthermore, we are taking measures to promote fitness habits, through health programs and using a smartphone app that ranks users on number of steps taken. Our aim is not only to prevent lifestyle diseases but also to alleviate stiff shoulders/lower back pain and improve the quality of sleep of employees.