Human Capital

Strategy for human resource development

Human Capital Strategy

The HOYA Group recognizes that its people are an asset of the highest priority. Its personnel strategy is to prevail over its competition by continuously investing in personnel.

With its diverse operations worldwide, the HOYA Group advances by producing in the best locations for production and selling in the best locations for sales. The Group also recognizes that the diversity of its people is its strength and the wellspring of its continuous creation of value. Based on this understanding, and in accordance with its basic philosophy and values, the Group has translated the HOYA Code of Conduct into 27 languages, circulating it thoroughly throughout the Group, to set forth the fundamental policies with which Group employees must strictly comply in the course of their operations. This unified understanding of HOYA values is the bond that unites the HOYA Group’s diverse personnel.

Respect for individuals is one of the Group’s basic principles of management. The HOYA Group is expending maximum efforts to support employees in achieving freedom and fulfillment, by expanding opportunities to pursue maximum autonomy and creativity and securing a safe and supportive work environment.

One of the HOYA Group’s key policies for sustainability is that it strives to foster an environment in which diverse personnel can play active roles in creating new value, with emphasis on employees’ wellbeing. While intensifying competition for talented personnel is a risk factor for the Group, the Group believes that securing and developing a diverse workforce increase opportunities for value-creating innovation. For this reason, the HOYA Group ranks “employee engagement, diversity and inclusion” as one of its vital issues.



Utilizing Global Human Resources
With its diverse operations worldwide, the HOYA Group advances globally by producing in the best locations for production and selling in the best locations for sales. Recognizing that the diversity of its people is a strength for this strategy, the HOYA Group hires on the basis of individual capability, not nationality, gender, or similar distinctions.

Over 90% of Group employees are assigned to posts outside Japan. By actively promoting outstanding local personnel and increasing opportunities for them to excel, the Group is driving its globalization forward. As a result, some 90% of overseas Group companies are headed by non-Japanese persons. Moreover as of June 30, 2023, a majority of the Group’s main business divisions entrust management of global operations to non-Japanese division presidents. HOYA will continue to provide many talented individuals with opportunities to shine.

“Minkatsu” Diversity Project
In 2014, we launched the “Minkatsu” diversity project for the purpose of creating a work environment in which each and every employee can feel a sense of fulfillment from work and play an active role by fully demonstrating his/her ability. As part of the “Minkatsu” diversity project, we are working to increase the proportion of female employees and female leaders*.

* Female leaders: Subsectional chief equivalent to or above section and highly skilled professionals

Proportion of Female Employees and of Female Leaders

Proportion of Female Employees














Proportion of Female Leaders














Note: Calculations for Japan are based on data from a March 2023 survey on “Minkatsu.” Calculations for other countries are based on data from a September 2022 engagement survey.

Proportion of Female Employees and Proportion of Female Leaders in Japan


We do not discriminate based on gender in hiring, promotions, or pay increases, and instead focus on actively employing human resources with highly specialized capabilities and morals. In addition, at HOYA Corporation, two of its seven directors are women (28.6%), and three of its officers including executive officers are women (37.5%).
We have been promoting “Minkatsu” activities by setting our target at making female leaders and female employees in Japan account for at least 15% and 30%, respectively, by the end of fiscal 2022. The proportion of women is steadily increasing, but these efforts were only a first step toward our goal. Going forward, we are setting new targets, aiming to raise women as a proportion of leaders in Japan to 18% and women as a proportion of employees in Japan to 32% by the end of fiscal 2025. To achieve these goals, we will continue to engage proactively in initiatives to eliminate the mindset of assigning duties based on sex, create well-planned educational programs and provide opportunities for women in management roles, and recruit female managers from outside.

Creating Supportive Workplace Environments and Cultures
Business divisions are making efforts to develop the necessary environment and systems, and create culture tailored to their respective businesses. By developing an environment in which diverse personnel can play an active role by demonstrating their capabilities and systems that enable workstyles with higher productivity and efficiency, we will strive to strike a balance between realizing the sense of fulfillment from work as well as personal life and enhancing corporate value.

Those related to childcare/nursing care support

  • ・Childcare/nursing care support system (leave of absence, shortened working hours)

  • ・Staggered working hours

  • ・Leave to provide care for children

  • ・Encouraging male employees to take childcare leave, etc.

Those related to workstyle in general

  • ・Flextime system ・Shortened working hours, reduced number of working days

  • ・Challenge leave* ・Second job ・Work from home

  • ・Encouraging employees to proactively take annual leave by setting recommended days for taking annual leave, etc.

* HOYA Corporation has established the challenge leave system for employees that have worked for a set number of consecutive years. A challenge leave of 20 days each is granted when the number of consecutive years worked by employees that work five days a week reached 10 years, 20 years, and 30 years.

Utilizing people with disabilities
The HOYA Group actively utilizes people with disabilities, for example in the operation of its Ichikawa Challenge Office that supports eco projects.
(Proportion of disabled persons employed in Japan: 2.40% as of March 31, 2023)

Employee Engagement Survey

Based on the belief that “people are our great asset,” we are seeking to create a workplace environment in which diverse employees can demonstrate their respective abilities, take on new challenges and realize their potential. HOYA periodically conducts an employee engagement survey targeted at all employees in the Group. Through the survey, we listen to employees’ opinions and utilize them to create a better workplace environment. In September 2022, the HOYA Group conducted its third employee engagement survey, attaining a 97% response rate. After analyzing the results of this and previous surveys, the Group implemented a series of measures, focusing on the fields of talent management and career development. The survey results were also discussed at the individual-workplace level, to identify points for improvement leading to meaningful plans of action.

1. Performance Management (Performance Evaluation System)
To encourage employees to make the most of their abilities, it is essential that the HOYA Group build a framework for fair and objective evaluation of their results. For this purpose, we have revamped the HOYA Group’s framework of performance management (performance evaluation system) and started implementing it as a global common framework in fiscal 2022. The system introduces 360° evaluation to ensure that results of performance evaluation are reflected in remuneration and provides an environment for regular and effective feedback on personnel training.

Gist of new performance management:

  • ・Determine clearly-defined figures that are expected for performance targets and actions

  • ・Conduct evaluation in a fair and objective manner

  • ・Give periodic and effective feedback for human resource development

  • ・Pay-for-performance

2. Career Development
Providing employees with ample opportunities to update their knowledge continuously and pursue reskilling is vital in supporting enterprise competitiveness. To ensure employees of these opportunities, the HOYA Group is introducing an on-demand learning platform, supporting the career development needs of the employees who support HOYA’s growth strategy.

Gist of career development program (online learning platform):

  • ・Re-train employees who support HOYA’s growth strategy

  • ・Spur employees to engage in life-long learning

  • ・Upskill employees by providing on-demand learning content

Going forward, we will continue to listen to employees’ opinions through employee engagement surveys on an ongoing basis and develop an environment in which each and every employee can grow together with HOYA with a sense of fulfillment from work.

Enhancement and development of human resources

Basic approach
At the HOYA Group, we provide a work environment that respects individuality and diversity and promotes the growth of individuals while giving consideration to the safety and health of employees. Furthermore, each and every employee works to improve the knowledge and skills and we provide the innovative value sought by society.

Human resource development
People differ in terms of things such as values, how they live, personality, and individual capabilities. There are also a wide variety of stances toward jobs and ways of working. For this reason, organizational management in the current era needs to provide frameworks that leverage the individuality of employees and allow employees to increase their capabilities in environments that match individual aptitudes. The new ideal employee environment sought by HOYA is one in which all employees can fully exploit their capabilities and contribute to the organization and business through friendly competition.

In response to the wide variety of capacity development needs of employees and in order to learn the specialized knowledge and skills required for the industry, the HOYA Group individually deploys the employee educational programs that are most suitable for each business division and region.
For example, for the Eye Care Company’s human resource development and HOYA Electronics Singapore’s participation in the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) Code of Conduct seminar, please refer to our website.

HOYA Prize
The HOYA Prize is an award system that has been established for all employees with the aim of recognizing and rewarding the daily hard work and efforts of employees in order to communicate a spirit of gratitude towards employees that always do their utmost amid a difficult business environment. The award system does not stipulate any detailed standards, but winners are rather decided on by the CEO based on recommendations received from the managers of each business and human resources representatives.