Corporate Citizenship

HOYA’s mission is to contribute to improving the quality of life (QOL) of people around the world through its own products and services. We are working to contribute to the resolution of social issues regarding eye care, in which many of our businesses are engaged, from the perspective of supporting “seeing” around the world.

Contributing to Improving Ophthalmic Medical Access in Developing Countries

Aiming to improve ophthalmic medical access in developing countries and to avoid illness and ophthalmic diseases by conducting appropriate testing, diagnostics, and treatment, we have formed partnerships with international and local organizations to promote literacy in ophthalmic treatment and support activities in order to educate eye care professionals and improve their skills.

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HOYA Vision Care Company (eyeglass lens business) has partnered with Orbis International, a global nonprofit and nongovernmental organization dedicated to saving eyesight worldwide. Together, HOYA and Orbis support work in communities to help bridge the vision care gap. Through their network, HOYA has supported Orbis in mentoring, training, and inspiring local vision care teams in underserved and rural areas, enabling the fight against preventable blindness in their own communities. Working together to develop the Cybersight digital education platform, which connects vision professionals to training materials from across the world, HOYA and Orbis have a shared vision to prevent avoidable blindness.

Contribution to Ophthalmic Medical Research and Education

The rapid pace of myopia has become a global health issue, and it is said that by 2050 approximately five billion people, roughly half of the world’s population, may be affected by nearsightedness.*1

myopia ロゴ

HOYA Vision Care Company entered into a partnership with the International Myopia Institute*2 in March 2022 to promote the prevention, treatment, and management of shortsightedness.

In addition, HOYA Surgical Optics (intraocular lens business) has entered into partnerships with the European School for Advanced Studies in Ophthalmology (ESASO)*3, which supports the education of ophthalmologists around the world. HOYA Surgical Optics has donated surgical devices (equipment and intraocular lenses) to ESASO’s facilities in Lugano and Lublin and their clinical application specialists support ESASO’s training teams in wet labs with surgeons.

*1 Source: Holden B. A., et al. Global Prevalence of Myopia and High Myopia and Temporal Trends from 2000 through 2050. Ophthalmology. 2016 May; 123(5): 1036?1042

*2 International Myopia Institute: A nonprofit organization of experts from around the world, established in 2015, following the WHO-BHVI meeting amid the growing need to take measures against myopia on a global scale.

*3 ESASO: A nonprofit organization supporting education aimed at improving the expertise and skills of ophthalmologists around the world.

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HOYA Surgical Optics, headquartered in Singapore, has concluded a corporate giving partnership with the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped (SAVH), a group that supports people with visual disabilities, and conducts support activities such as donations to this organization. Donations are used for rehabilitation and after-sales care programs for people with visual disabilities.

The“Eyecity Eco Project” executed by Eyecity
The“Eyecity Eco Project”executed by Eyecity—our chain of contact lens specialty stores— runs a campaign that involves collecting and recycling empty disposable contact lens cases and donating all proceeds from the sale of the empty cases to recycling contractors. We have been carrying out this industry-first initiative on an ongoing basis since 2010, with the aim of contributing to society in three ways: 1) Protecting the environment by recycling empty cases into resources, 2) Providing self-reliance/employment support to disabled persons, and 3) Making donations to the Japan Eye Bank Association. This year marks the 13th year of this project.

Eyecity Eco Project Logo

Volume Collected and Amount Donated to Date


Cumulative volume of empty cases collected
(As of May 2023)


We have collected 559 million empty cases.


Cumulative CO2 emissions reduced
(As of May 2023)


We have contributed to the reduction of CO2 emissions equivalent to 92.8 times the volume of the Tokyo Dome.


Cumulative amount donated (As of May 2023)

12,117,095 yen

The entire amount received in exchange for recycling has been donated to the Japan Eye Bank Association.

Humanitarian Aid

In February 2023, an earthquake struck the border region between Turkey and Syria. To assist in relief and recovery in the stricken region, HOYA Corporation. donated a total of 10 million yen to the Japanese Red Cross Society and UNICEF Japan.

In addition, individual business divisions engaged in support activities of their own. For example, the Vision Care Division, which manufactures and sells eyeglass lenses, collected donations from employees; donated matching funds to support organizations; and donated 2,000 eyeglass lenses to disaster victims through the Turkish Optician Associations.

The PENTAX Medical Division, which operates the Group’s medical endoscope business, delivered medical equipment worth 150,000 euros (about 21.2 million yen), including gastrointestinal endoscopes and single-use endobronchial endoscopes, to disaster-struck hospitals. The HOYA Group prays for the quickest possible recovery for the suffering region.