HOYA Group Environmental Philosophy
and Fundamental Environmental Policies

HOYA is engaged in environmental protection activities as part of its ESG promotion efforts, in order to protect the global environment to be inherited by the next generation.

The HOYA Group established its “Environmental Philosophy” and “Fundamental Environmental Policies” in 1993, and has since been promoting environmental protection activities targeting all of its business facilities inside and outside Japan.

In 2012, the environmental, occupational safety and health management systems of the individual facilities were reviewed thoroughly in the process of obtaining a global multisite certification for those systems. Since then, the Group has been operating all its environmental protection, occupational safety and health activities in a globally integrated manner.

In 2022, we updated the “Environmental Philosophy” and “Fundamental Environmental Policies” to proactively address issues surrounding the global environment.

HOYA Group Environmental Philosophy

The HOYA Group pushes forward with its corporate activities focusing on sustainability to preserve the global environment for future generations.

Fundamental Environmental Policies

  1. We carry on our corporate activities in harmony between people, society, and nature by recognizing the importance of environmental protection in all our operations.

  2. We keep reducing environmental burdens in our corporate activities of product development, manufacture, and sale by complying with the applicable environmental laws and regulations of each country and locality.

  3. We set up our structures and targets and carry out our measures and policies systematically in advancing our global environmental protection activities.

  4. We pursue our activities designed for prevention of global warming and creation of recycling society by training our consciousness and responsibility on the preservation of the environment.

HOYA Group Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety and Health Organization

In October 2008, the Group’s environmental protection organization and the occupational safety and health organization were merged with each other. Since then, with the new structure supervised by the HOYA Group Director for Environmental Protection, Occupational Safety and Health, the Group has been carrying out smooth and efficient activities of environmental protection and occupational safety and health.

HOYA Group Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety and Health Organization


Structuring of a global management system for its environmental and occupational safety and health management system

The HOYA Group has been building a global management system based on ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 14001 and 45001 for the purpose of promoting environmental protection activities by employees and ensuring the safety and health of employees. In February 2013, the HOYA Group acquired global multisite certification. As of March 31, 2023, 49 sites in 19 countries were certified. Certification has been acquired at 100% of our major production/research and development bases, and certification is also being obtained for newly organized bases one by one.
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