Corporate Governance

Basic views

HOYA promotes management with the aim of maximizing its corporate value based on the recognition that corporate governance is a matter of utmost importance for management. As the basis of taking a fair approach to stakeholders, to prevent management from being conducted based solely on in-house logic, we have set forth in the Articles of Incorporation that a majority of directors consist of outside directors, who actively supervise management by executive officers and provide advice in order to improve corporate value from an objective and broad perspective. HOYA also gives executive officers the authority and responsibility for the execution of operations, in order to accelerate decision-making and improve management efficiency.

The Company has established the HOYA Corporate Governance Guidelines at the meeting of the Board of Directors, and intends to enhance the corporate governance structure and to introduce better governance systems by revising the guidelines.


HOYA employs a company with Nomination Committee, etc. management system. Under a company with Nomination Committees, etc. management system, by giving executive officers authority to manage business, business decision-making is accelerated. At the same time, three statutory committees?the Nomination Committee, the Compensation Committee, and the Audit Committee?were established, with a majority of the members being outside directors (at HOYA, the committees are composed exclusively of outside directors), to ensure the effectiveness of management supervision by the Board of Directors. Adopting a company with Nomination Committees, etc. management system enables us to clearly separate the execution and supervision of corporate management, whereas this was not possible with the previous company with Auditors system. Through this system, we aim to ensure efficient management and improve the overall soundness and transparency of management. Also, because HOYA has businesses that handle medical equipment, a voluntary Healthcare Compliance Committee is established consisting of three outside directors with knowledge of medical fields to monitor these businesses’ regulatory compliance.

Corporate Governance Structure (As of June 2023)