Milestones in Our Growth

Persisting in profitability

We have steadily increased profits through business portfolio management, in which we optimize the allocation of investments to meet the needs of the times and change the nature of our business quickly, and through a system of reviewing and improving our business on a short-term (quarterly) basis.

HOYA´s continued net profit since the TSE listing in 1973

HOYA has never reported a loss since its TSE listing.


Note: HOYA has prepared its consolidated financial statements in accordance with IFRS since the fiscal year ended March 31, 2011, in lieu of the Japanese standard.

Change and Expansion of Business Domains

HOYA launched its business from the field of optical glass in 1941. For 80 years since its foundation, HOYA has demonstrated the strengths of business portfolio management by expanding the domains of its products and services in accordance with its corporate mission, which is to “contribute to the creation of a truly prosperous society in harmony with people, society, and nature, through the creation and innovation of businesses.”

HOYA's 80-year History


Growth Engine

Business scale expansion is currently driven by “awareness of differentiation” in each stage of the value chain, i.e., market selection, development of technologies/products, manufacturing and sales.