We will continue to create new value for society by reforming our business portfolio to adapt to the environment.
Director, Representative Executive Officer,
President & CEO,
Chairperson of the Board of Directors
Hiroshi Suzuki
I will assist and oversee executive officers from a broad, objective perspective in view of enhancing corporate value.
Independent Director, Lead Director,
Chairperson of the Nomination Committee
Mitsudo Urano
I will make a greater contribution in concrete terms to strategically utilize information technology and promote diversity.
Independent Director,
Chairperson of the Audit Committee
Yukako Uchinaga
I will further enhance corporate governance by thoroughly engaging in discussions on management strategies and ensuring management transparency.
Independent Director
Chairperson of the Compensation Committee
Shuzo Kaihori
I will pursue business model reform through the acceleration of digital transformation (DX), ongoing review of the portfolio and further enhancement of business management efficiency.
Independent Director
Hiroaki Yoshihara
I will contribute to the maximization of corporate value based on my broad management experience in a general trading company worldwide.
Independent Director
Yasuyuki Abe

HOYA as an Investment

Business Portfolio Management
HOYA’s portfolio management aims to secure profitability, stability, and growth potential of the Group as a whole to diversify risk.
Milestones in Our Growth
HOYA has never reported a loss since its TSE listing
Market Growth
Market growth, driven by global aging population and improving living standards in emerging countries
Maximizing Shareholder Value
To ensure the effective functioning and objectivity of the management supervisory function, five out of six directors in total are independent outside directors.
01 Business Portfolio Management
02 Milestones in Our Growth
03 Market Growth
04 Maximizing Shareholder Value

Fiscal 2020 Highlights


  • Consolidated Sales
    The HOYA Group's consolidated
    sales revenue decreased 5.0% year
    on year to 547,921 million yen.
  • Pretax Profits
    Pretax profits reached
    record highs and rose 8.1% year on
    year to 159,218 million yen.


  • Proportion of Independent Directors
    (5 of 6)
  • Proportion of Female
    Leaders in Japan
    Up 1.9 ppt
    year on year

Milestones in Our Growth

We keep adjusting our business portfolio through investment allocation decisions according to the needs of the time.
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Profit the term 125,221 million yen

Interview with the CEO

We will continue to create new value for society by reforming our business portfolio to adapt to the environment.

Hiroshi Suzuki
President & CEO

HOYA Value Creation Model

Through its business activities, HOYA is committed to improving the health of people as well as the innovation of industries around the world.

ESG Reporting

In fiscal 2020, we analyzed information to be disclosed in accordance with ISO26000 by utilizing an external agency and performed specific tasks to prepare for the identification of material issues.

Review of Operations

Life Care Segment

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Information Technology Segment

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Financial Review