HOYA’s ESG Approach

Amid the growing interest in Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) issues among stakeholders, the HOYA Group established the ESG Committee headed by the CEO in August 2019, with the aim of identifying items that contribute to the long-term growth of the HOYA Group (i.e., material issues), promoting their disclosure and pushing ahead with ESG activities.

In fiscal 2020, we not only engaged in normal activities such as dealing with investors related to ESG, providing information to information vendors and collecting information, but also analyzed information to be disclosed in accordance with ISO26000 by utilizing an external agency and performed specific tasks to prepare for the identification of material issues.

Examination status of material issues

The Company’s material issues are examined by selecting those deemed as material issues by the Company from the SASB (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board) Materiality Map.
As a result of the ESG Committee’s examination and interviews with investors, GHG Emissions, Product Quality & Safety, Employee Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion and Supply Chain Management were chosen as candidate material issues. Material issues are scheduled for identification (approval by management) in fiscal 2021.

Material issue
according to SASB
Material issue according
Material issue according
to investors
General issue category Medical Equipment & Supplies Hardware Semiconductors Company as a whole Company as a whole
Environment GHG Emissions    
Air Quality          
Energy Management      
Water & Wastewater Management      
Waste & Hazardous Materials Management    
Ecological Impacts          
Social Capital Human Rights & Community Relations        
Customer Privacy          
Data Security        
Access & Affordability        
Product Quality & Safety    
Customer Welfare          
Selling Practices & Product Labeling        
Human Capital Labor Practices          
Employee Health & Safety      
Employee Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion  
Business Model & Innovation Product Design & Lifecycle Management    
Business Model Resilience          
Supply Chain Management    
Materials Sourcing & Efficiency    
Physical Impacts of Climate Change          
Leadership & Governance Business Ethics      
Competitive Behavior        
Management of the Legal & Regulatory Environment        
Critical Incident Risk Management          
Systemic Risk Management