Human Capital

Development of Human Resources

Enhancement and development of human resources

Basic approach

At the HOYA Group, we provide a work environment that respects individuality and diversity and promotes the growth of individuals while giving consideration to the safety and health of employees. Furthermore, each and every employee works to improve their knowledge and skills and we provide the innovative value sought by society.

Human resource development

People differ in terms of things such as values, how they live, personality, and individual capabilities. There are also a wide variety of stances toward jobs and ways of working. For this reason, organizational management in the current era needs to provide frameworks that leverage the individuality of employees and allow employees to increase their capabilities in environments that match individual aptitudes. The new ideal employee environment sought by HOYA is one in which all employees can fully exploit their capabilities and contribute to the organization and business through friendly competition.

In response to the wide variety of capacity development needs of employees and in order to learn the specialized knowledge and skills required for the industry, the HOYA Group individually deploys the employee educational programs that are most suitable for each business division and region.

For example, for Eye Care Company's human resource development and HOYA Electronics Singapore's participation in the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) Code of Conduct seminar, please refer to our website.

HOYA Prize

The HOYA Prize is an award system that has been established for all employees with the aim of recognizing and rewarding the daily hard work and efforts of employees in order to communicate a spirit of gratitude toward employees that always do their utmost amid a difficult business environment. The award system does not stipulate any detailed standards, but winners are rather decided on by the CEO based on recommendations received from the managers of each business and human resource representatives.

Development and Active Participation of Technical Personnel “Engineers' Report Competition Program”

For the purpose of further boosting the technological capabilities of the HOYA Group as a whole, we convene an “Engineers' Report Competition Program” once a year as a place to announce achievements in technological development and improvement made in business divisions. An award is presented for technical reports and unique technologies that are deemed to be particularly outstanding by executive officers who serve as judges. As the respective staff members in charge of technology in business divisions congregate at the event, it also serves as a place for them to interact with technical personnel of other divisions.