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Hiroshi Suzuki President & CEO

I would like to express my thanks for your continued patronage.

The HOYA Group operates the Life Care business and the Information Technology business based on the concept of "Business Portfolio Management."

With continued aging across the globe and improved opportunities to access health care accompanying economic growth in emerging countries, we are focusing management resources on the Life Care business, where market growth is expected, and working for organic growth in existing businesses. At the same time, we are also striving to acquire new technologies and customers through M&A. In the current fiscal year, we were able to achieve solid growth. In the Information Technology business, we saw firm growth due to the expansion of market share for glass disk substrates for data center HDDs, on top of timely responses to R&D demand for mask blanks for EUV (Extreme Ultraviolet) lithography, which is the advanced semiconductor miniaturization technology.

Going forward, we plan to pursue continued growth by expanding our share in the Life Care business and responding to demand in growth areas in the Information Technology business.

As for cash, allocation will prioritize growth investments such as M&A and capital expenditures, and excess cash will be used for returns to shareholders through dividends and share repurchases with due consideration for our future performance, capital demands, and capital structure. In the current fiscal year, in addition to expanding production capacity for the eyeglass lenses business in the Life Care business, in the Information Technology business, we made largescale investments in capacity for semiconductor and HDD-related products, which are forecast to see high growth. In terms of returns to shareholders, in addition to paying the dividend of 90 yen per share, we purchased 47 billion yen of the Company’s own shares.

Going forward, we will pursue capital efficiency in our management by proactively making investments for growth and delivering returns to shareholders while prudently considering the business environment.

Currently, economic activity has stagnated considerably due to the restrictions on human movement due to the global spread of COVID-19, and the outlook is mired by an unprecedented level of uncertainty. Amid this time, we believe that continuing to provide services to customers while ensuring the safety and health of our employees will contribute to enhancing corporate value. We sincerely ask for your continued support.

Hiroshi Suzuki President & CEO

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