Basic Approach

Respecting human rights is one of the most important principles we uphold when conducting HOYA Group business.

Our human rights policy is based on the HOYA Group’s corporate mission and basic management principles and is designed to clarify the company’s stance on upholding human rights. It also includes our partnership with our stakeholders in its scope of application and clearly states that we will comply with international principles and guidelines.

HOYA Group Human Rights Policy
The HOYA Global Code of Conduct stipulates the basic guidelines to be complied with when performing operations based on the basic policies and values of the HOYA Group. The Code of conduct clarifies that basic human rights are to be respected and that all forms of discrimination and harassment in connection to race, nationality, gender, religion, belief, birthplace, age, or disabilities are to be eliminated in all corporate activities.

Human rights of employees

We aim to create a safe and healthy workplace that allows employees to feel secure while they work. The Company will provide equipment, systems, and working conditions so that each and every employee respects and cooperates with each other as the Company strives to create a workplace that is easy to work in.

Employee health and safety

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1. Equal opportunities for men and women

At the HOYA Group we work to achieve fair employment opportunities and benefits for both genders.
At HOYA Corporation in Japan, currently 162 women are active in management positions.* We do not discriminate based on gender in hiring, promotions, or pay increases, and instead focus on actively employing human resources with highly specialized capabilities and morals. In addition, as of the end of June 2023, two of external directors are women.
By our proactive actions, the women in management percentage increase to 14.2% within Japan. In order to increase the women in management percentage in Japan going forward, we will promote the development of a working environment that allows the women working at HOYA to feel reassured in their continual employment.

Number of women in management positions (as of March 2023)
Number Percentage
Japan 162 14.2%

*Management positions: Total of managers (organizations above unit) and supervisors (heads of organizations below section)


In Japan, through our general business owner action plan (7th plan) based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children, the Company is actively developing a working environment that allows employees to achieve a work-life balance.

2. Utilizing people with disabilities

The HOYA Group actively utilizes people with disabilities, for example in the operation of its Ichikawa Challenge Office that supports eco projects.

3. Utilizing global human resources

The HOYA Group implements sales and production at optimal locations on a global level. In addition, efforts are being made to globalize the entire Group by promoting the localization of top management of subsidiaries and actively promoting and creating opportunities for high-quality local human resources. The HOYA Group will work to provide equal opportunities to large numbers of high-quality human resources going forward.

Respecting individuals

1. Preventing sexual harassment and power harassment

The HOYA Global Code of Conduct clearly states that the diverse values, individuality, and privacy of individuals are to be respected and clearly prohibits discretionary language, acts of violence, sexual harassment, and power harassment in connection to race, nationality, gender, religion, belief, birthplace, age, or disabilities.
Activities to promote the awareness of the Code of Conduct are conducted through means such as training classes in Japan.

2. Establishment of an employee whistleblowing and consultation system

As part of our internal control systems, the HOYA Group established the HOYA Help Line in 2003 as a whistleblowing and consultation system for the Group. This is a framework that protects whistleblowers when there have been violations of laws, regulations, or the HOYA Global Code of Conduct so that problems can be known at an early stage and smoothly communicated to top management in an aim to ensure the soundness of the entire Group through quick and appropriate responses to such issues.

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