HOYA Global Code of Conduct

* Code of Conduct reflects our values and guides all employees including directors and officers of HOYA Group in conducting business the right way.
* Code of Conduct presents our responsibilities in a way that is easy to understand and follow.
* Code of Conduct aims to provide a solid foundation on which you can make good decisions while conducting everyday business.
* Code of Conduct is available in the following languages here.


Japanese / 日本語(8,418KB)

Simplified Chinese / 简体中文(47,182KB)

Traditional Chinese / 繁體中文(47,298KB)

Korean / 한국어(46,837KB)

Thai / ภาษาไทย(11,504KB)

Malay / Bahasa Melayu(11,281KB)

Vietnamese / ngôn ngữ tiếng Việt(11,199KB)

Indonesian / Bahasa Indonesia(11,173KB)

Laotian / ພາສາລາວ(1,516KB)

Brazilian-Portuguese / Língua portuguesa-brasileira(11,282KB)

Latin Spanish / Idioma Español(11,232KB)

Spanish / lengua española(1,331KB)

Hungarian / Magyar nyelv(11,245KB)

Portuguese / idioma português(1,338KB)

Polish / Język polski(11,259KB)

German / Deutsche Sprache(1,344KB)

French / langue française(11,291KB)

Italian / lingua italiana(11,274KB)

Dutch / Nederlandse taal(1,335KB)

Czech / Český jazyk(11,249KB)

Bulgarian / Български език(11,265KB)

Romanian / limba română(11,248KB)

Turkish / Türkçe(11,305KB)

Russian / Русский(1,362KB)

Swedish / Svenska(1,330KB)

Finnish / Suomen kieli(1,292KB)

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