Core Competencies

Achieving high shares in selected global markets

HOYA´s business strategy can be summarized as “a big fish in a small pond.” We focus on niche markets where we can demonstrate our technology, management, and other competitive strengths, establish a high share in those markets, and thereby maximize profits.

Major Products´ Market Shares

Sales of products with No. 1 global market shares  27%, Sales of products with No. 2 global market shares  43%

Information Technology
Mask blanks for semiconductor manufacturing Global No.1
Photo masks for LCD panel manufacturing Global No.1
Glass disk substrates for HDDs Global No.1
Aspherical optical lenses Global No.1

Life Care
Eyeglass lenses Global No.2
Medical endoscopes Global No.2

HOYA´s estimate

HOYA´s Core Technology

HOYA was established as Japan´s first specialty maker of optical glass.
Through a pursuit of properties of glass and an evolution of business core from glass to optical, HOYA has created a leading-edge electro-optics technology that supports semiconductor and digital device industries.
Such advanced technology, which has been further developed through diverse applications in the IT field, is being applied in the Life Care field, which is the current growth driver of HOYA.

HOYA´s Core Technology

Multiple technologies are combined into developing a product,
disregarding traditional borders of product areas.

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