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HOYA – Persisting in profitability

Since its listing on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, HOYA has never reported a loss. This is due to our “business portfolio management” and our strategic byword, to be “a big fish in a small pond.” We keep adjusting our business portfolio through investment allocation decisions according to the needs of the time. We also acquire and maintain high shares in niche markets, which we develop by exploiting our strengths, to maximize profits.

HOYA´s continued net profit since the TSE listing in 1973

HOYA has never reported a loss since its TSE listing.

HOYA´s continued net profit since the TSE listing in 1973
1962 Began production of eyeglass lenses.
1972 Began production of contact lenses.
1973 Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1974 Began production of mask substrates for semiconductors.
1983 Began production of photomasks for semiconductors.
1986 Constructed the R&D Center.
1987 Began production of intraocular lenses and glass mold lenses.
1991 Began sales of glass disks for HDDs.
1995 Invited the first outside director.
1997 Completed the establishment of the area HQs for Europe, North America, and Asia.
2003 Shifted to a company-with-committees system. Independent Directors represented the majority of the Board of Directors.
2008 Merged with PENTAX Corporation.
2009 Terminated the Crystal Glass business.
2010 Sold the hard disk glass media manufacturing operation.
2011 Sold PENTAX Imaging Systems business.
2013 Acquired the eyeglass lens development and manufacturing business from Seiko Epson Corporation.
2014 Acquired a stake in Seiko Optical Products (engaged in sale of eyeglasses and related products) and made it a consolidated subsidiary.
2016 Concluded a contract to acquire Performance Optics, LLC. (engaged in manufacture and sale of eyeglass lenses).

*HOYA has prepared its consolidated financial statements in accordance
with IFRS since FY2010 in lieu of the Japanese standard.

The Life Care business is an earnings driver

HOYA has shifted its growth focus to the Life Care business since FY2010. This will be continued to boost the growth of the entire company. Expanding coverage to untapped regions and customer segments will help the Life Care business to grow.

Change in Portfolio

Change in Portfolio
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