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Hiroshi Suzuki President & CEO

Dear Shareholders,

I would like to express my thanks for your continued patronage.

The HOYA Group is working toward sustainable growth as a company by optimally allocating its investments in accordance with the needs of the age and swiftly changing business contents, based on the concept of “Portfolio Management.“

The Life Care business, which we have positioned as a growing business, is expected to grow steadily owing to the progress in aging in developed countries and expansion of opportunities to access health care in developing countries. Although HOYA has some businesses that win large market shares in Japan, there are larger opportunities in overseas markets, so we promote our businesses, aiming to win market shares in developed countries and expand our presence in developing countries.

In the Information Technology business, we strive to maintain current large shares and further improve the profitability. We continually work on the enhancement of technological capabilities in cutting-edge areas, cost reduction and other tasks so as to maintain our strong cash generating capability.

The HOYA Group continually works to diversify its portfolio and improve its corporate value.

I sincerely ask for your continued support.

Hiroshi Suzuki President & CEO

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