Toward Sustainable Growth
The division president trusts me. 
I have a responsibility to fulfill that trust.
HOYA’s culture is all about thorough discussion
The members of the Blanks Division engage in various discussions every day. The themes are wide ranging and include products, customers, and technology, but at any rate, this is a team that conducts lively discussions. These discussions are very effective in advancing the development of HOYA. First, mistakes are prevented. As employees repeatedly engage in sufficient discussion to advance their work, mistakes can be predicted and avoided in advance. Second, decision-making is fast. Decisions are made swiftly based on a consensus that is established through sufficient discussion involving many employees. This is the same not only within the division but also between the divisional director and the CEO. There are cases where we make a proposal to the divisional director, the divisional director proposes this to the CEO, and feedback comes to us at an amazing speed. I believe that the speed of this decision-making is the source of HOYA´s s strength. I think the speed of decision-making is also influenced by the strong relationship of trust between superiors and their subordinate staff. The divisional director really trusts me. He has created an environment where it is easy to work. In the same way, the CEO trusts the divisional director. I believe that I have a responsibility to diligently fulfil the trust of the divisional director in the form of results. By working at HOYA, I came to realize that a company that values its employees is a company that trusts its employees.
Aiming for true globalization

HOYA is a Japanese company that is developing business globally. Mindsets of people have to change and various innovations are also needed to become a truly global company. I believe that, as a tool for innovation, having a universal language is one of essential factors and this is perhaps a challenge for HOYA, but I believe it is a challenge that can be quickly resolved. My mission is to acquire certification, reduce costs and improve quality for products produced at the Singapore plant. I am responsible to enhance customer satisfaction, and the trust within the company can make it possible.

Aiming for true globalization
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