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Eyecity´s Disposable Contact Lens Case Collection Initiative

Jun. 20, 2013

In April 2010, the Eyecity chain of contact lens specialty stores launched the Eyecity Eco Project, the eye-care industry´s first used disposable contact lens case collection and recycling initiative. As of May 2013, the total volume collected stood at 77.96 tons. This equates to a reduction of 215.9 tons of CO2*1.

Disposable contact lens casesDisposable contact lens cases are made from polypropylene (PP). PP is also used to make PET bottle caps, which are recycled by the NPO Ecocap Movement. However, prior to the launch of the Eyecity Eco Project, there was no effective system for recycling used contact lens cases and they were disposed of in the regular garbage. During the incineration of contact lens cases, about 2.77kg of CO2 is emitted per kg of PP*2.

The Eyecity Recovery Box The Eyecity Eco Project

Empty cases made by any manufacturer and purchased from any retailer are collected at 205 Eyecity shops throughout Japan*3. These are then sold to manufacturers of recycled cases and the proceeds are donated to Japan Eye Bank Association.
As of June 2013, donations totalled 2,937,680 yen.

The Eyecity Eco Project has been applauded by companies that place CSR high on their agenda as an unprecedented initiative. Some companies are introducing the scheme on a trial basis as part of their own recycling activities.

It is estimated that more than 13 million people use contact lenses in Japan. Eyecity is determined to pursue its Eco Project further and will continue to encourage contact lens wearers and various companies to cooperate with the easy-to-do eco-friendly activities.


Reduction of CO2 equates to the CO2 generated during the incineration of empty cases.


Computed using emission coefficients for the incineration of waste plastic specified in the 2006 Manual for Calculating and Reporting Greenhouse Gas Emissions issued by the Ministry of Environment


Number of shops as of June 20, 2013

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