Demand for minimally invasive treatment among medical professionals is growing. HOYA develops medical endoscopes that enable early diagnosis and treatment under the PENTAX brand. HOYA also offers medical devices such as intraocular lenses and orthopedic implants.

Medical Endoscopes
Medical Endoscopes

Medical flexible endoscopes are used to examine the interior of human organs, permitting the early detection and treatment of diseases in the organs. They are used in minimally invasive medical procedures worldwide as a method that is beneficial for both physicians and patients.

HOYA provides the i-Series endoscope systems which permit the megapixel resolution of images. With a wide array of products, including video scopes and fiberscopes, and high-quality after-sales services, HOYA contributes to diagnosis, treatment, and medical research in diverse departments, including those related to the digestive organs, otorhinolaryngology, and respiratory disease.


Through the strategic acquisition of majority shares of Wassenburg, HOYA now offers high-end automated endoscope reprocessors (AERs). As the number of endoscopy procedures increases and the importance of endoscope reprocessing grows driven by the rising hygienic awareness around washing and disinfection of flexible endoscopes, demand for a cutting-edge and advanced product solution is increasing.

Grasper Tip / Scissor Tip / Clip Applier
Laparoscopic Surgery Instruments

HOYA develops and manufactures high precision open and laparoscopic surgical instruments that respond to medical practice needs. HOYA laparoscopic surgical instruments integrate disposable and reusable functions that enhance performance, reduce cost and improve patient outcome. The MiFusion product line offers a broad spectrum of open and laparoscopic instruments used to seal and divide tissue utilizing proprietary Thermal Fusion technology.

Intraocular lenses
Intraocular lenses

Cataracts are a disorder of the eye, or clouding that develops in the crystalline lens of the eye due to aging. They not only cause vision loss, but potentially lead to blindness if untreated. An intraocular lens (IOL) is an artificial crystalline lens used in an eye from which a clouding crystalline lens has been removed during cataract surgery. It is an innovative medical device that enables people who once suffered from cataracts to see normally again.

HOYA manufactures and sells lens injection systems that facilitate surgery, along with soft, foldable IOLs that can be inserted through extremely small incisions (1.8mm incisions). The iSert™ pre-loaded IOL delivery system, introduced in 2007, boasts significantly higher operability than conventional products, and is contributing to healthcare as a solution that ensures safe, secure cataract surgery.

Prosthetic ceramic fillers and Orthopedic implants
Prosthetic ceramic fillers and Orthopedic implants

Apatite products, the mainstay products of HOYA´s New ceramics division, are used mainly in the fields of orthopedics, brain surgery and dentistry as prosthetic fillers for bone defects.

APACERAM, one of HOYA´s apatite products, boasts the overwhelming top share in the ceramic artificial bone market. It is made of hydroxyapatite, a chemical compound that is virtually the same as the constituents of human bone. Hydroxyapatite implantation is safe, and in fact, over time, the implant is partially resorbed and replaced by natural bone, as it becomes part of the body.

Metallic orthopedic implants are used to plate a broken bone. HOYA manufactures and sells the company´s own products using titanium of superior strength and biocompatibility. HOYA encourages early rehabilitation of patients.

Airway Scope
Airway Scope

The Airway Scope makes it possible to perform a tracheal intubation easily with an imaging CCD and LED light mounted at the tip. By combining with our unique targeting system, an Intlock blade fast and accurate placement of the endotracheal tube is achieved while minimizing patient trauma.

With the Airway Score, the endotracheal tube can be inserted into the throat by placing it under the epiglottis and lifting up a bit, without extending or putting pressure on the patients´ neck. The result of the treatment does not vary depending on one's experience.

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