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HOYA provides products and services to care for that most important sensory organ- the eye. HOYA started manufacturing eyeglass lenses in 1962 and contact lenses in 1972. Based on the optical and material technologies acquired since 1941, HOYA continues to contribute quality high value-added vision products to people around the world.

Eyeglass Lenses
Eyeglass Lenses

As a global manufacturer of eyeglass lenses, HOYA has passionately driven optical technology innovation with the aim of finding only the best vision solutions.

HOYA´s unparalleled technology creates a profoundly clear vision experience for the progressive lens wearer.
Integrated Double Surface Design (iD), HOYA´s patented, award-winning design technology, separates the surface geometry of progressive lenses into two components: vertical and horizontal, positioned individually on each of the two lens surfaces. Thanks to this technology, HOYA´s premium progressive lenses can be individually designed; each patient´s unique visual and lifestyle requirements can be integrated in the lens design to provide them with the most comfortable and accurate vision, tailored to their individual needs.

HOYA Vision Care Company is a global organization covering 52 countries with a network of over 12,000 employees and over 64,000 active accounts globally.

Contact Lenses
Contact Lenses

Hoya develops and sells contact lenses with advanced performance based on market research, including one-month disposable lenses, near and far-sight, and toric lenses. Our one-month disposable lenses use silicon hydrogel, a new material that enables oxygen to directly permeate the lens, and offer an enhanced antifouling property based on a special surface coating technology.

Contact Lens Specialty Store Eyecity
Contact Lens Specialty Store Eyecity

HOYA operates the Eyecity chain of contact lens specialty stores, one of the largest of such chains in Japan. The strengths of this chain lie in consulting-based sales, which provide the lenses best suited for each customer, and in the broad selection of products from famous manufacturers around the world.
At each Eyecity store, well-experienced professional staff, equipped with the appropriate knowledge and the latest product information, sell products to customers through individual dialogues with them.

HOYA operates over 200 Eyecity stores throughout Japan.

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